Colourful Splendour is almost sold out of roses (thanks to the sale) so I have bought a large range again. These rewarding beauties lift any tired garden and reward you with fragrance and colour for many months of the year. Valentine’s Day means red roses, many of which have a strong perfume. Winners in the shape and fragrance stakes are; Cora Marie, Red ‘n Fragrant, Mister Lincoln, Black Berry and Bella Rouge. Buy one of these and your Valentine gift is sorted forever and we have these on promotion for 30% less.


We also have hanging rose baskets which will live for many years and may be trimmed to your own shape and size. These hanging basket ‘Fairy’ miniature roses can be suspended from overhead or from brackets attached to a wall or fence. Growing these free flowering and fungus resistant roses in hanging baskets is simple.

Always grow them in sufficient light to promote healthy growth and bloom, usually in filtered or full sun for 4-6 hours (or more) each day.

  • Be sure to water and fertilize regularly as needed. Never allow the soil to become dry. A slow release fertilizer is excellent.
  • The container must be large enough to hold sufficient soil or another suitable growing medium.

If you don’t want to give your loved one a rose, what about a love palm! The Love Palm is a small, slow-growing plant that is renowned for its dramatic and attractive foliage. It is a widely adaptable indoor plant thriving in low to moderate light conditions in your home or office. Unlike the typical Valentine’s Day novelties – it will survive and last for several years! Now at 30% off!

For your love of birds attracting seedeaters and common omnivores to your garden is easily done by putting out bird feeders and apples. There’s little nicer than being surrounded by nature, hearing the magnificent dawn chorus and having your garden host a diversity of birds and other animals. With careful planning, you can watch them as they carry out their daily activities and even study their behaviour. Not forgetting your Tweet-hearts this Valentine’s Day we have heart shaped bird seed feeders at an exclusive and promotional price of only R65-00.

With all this love in the air, what about the ‘love apple or ‘TOMATOES’….. so good for you! They contain Vitamins A & C, high levels of beta-carotene and minerals calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and folic acid. Grow them in sunny spots in soil rich in compost, and fertilize regularly as they are greedy feeders. When watering, flood the soil rather than wetting the plants, thus avoiding certain diseases. Scatter your crushed eggshells around the roots to give extra calcium, and repel the snails.Tomatoes are very generous souls that they like to share – as the more you pick the more are there! For the best flavour allow your tomatoes to ripen on the vine. Our 23cm pots with ready to eat tomatoes were R59-95 &now R40-00.

Water gardening – the water lily emerges as the undisputed star of home water gardening. Water lilies are the perfect plants for ponds and they bloom all summer. If you have a small water feature then you can plant water lilies in the plastic pot they come in but if you want them to spread and multiply, then take them out of the plastic pot, place them on the bottom of the pond, anchoring them if necessary with a rock. They soon send their leaves up to the surface and they root quickly in the soil. But this only works if you have a soil base to your pond.Water lilies provide shade for any fish in the pond. The lilies come in a very pretty range of pastel shades from cream through to deep pink. Our water lilies are less 30% and our Aquatic mix (15dm) was R24-50 &now R17-50.