Home Grown

Colourful Splendour is showcasing potatoes this month to make sure you are off to a good starch! Even though they are stem tubers we look at them as a root crop. It is possible to grow potatoes in the home garden in spite of requiring a large space. An ordinary soil with good drainage and compost is required. You can also grow them in tyres – fun for the kids! Growing in specially made pots can be done for the apartment dweller – a new and exciting trend! Thanks Spud for this one!

Another climber worth considering is theGranadilla (Passion Fruit) – We are really passionate about this one! Grown as a vine, the plant climbs by means of tendrils, so a trellis or support is required. Flowers and fruit begin within six months. When the fruit turns purple, it is ready for picking. It is rich in ascorbic acid, which is a ‘flu-fighter’.

Harvest your first apricots and peaches and share them with the neighbours. Thin out your late peaches, plums and other soft fruits when as big as peas. Protect apples and pears from coddling moths. Water your citrus trees well. Harvest your juicy strawberries regularly and keep feeding the plants. Make sure you have a good supply of cream to go with these delicious fruits!