Home Grown

With summer come mozzies and other annoying bugs. But don’t despair – banish them in a healthy and environmentally friendly way. Purchase a mixed pot with some of the following plants - pennyroyal, marigold, thyme, basil, bayleaf, lavender and rosemary, all of which have insect-repelling properties. A container planted up with lemongrass or mozzie-busting pelargoniums and placed on your patio should discourage mosquitoes. And did you know that a bay leaf placed in your packet of flour will keep weevils away? Flies don’t like basil. Simply place a pot of basil in your windowsill and they won’t venture into your house. It’s all this easy! All container plants will benefit from a good liquid plant food once a week.

From farm to fork! Have you been following the latest trend in gardening i.e. growing your own edibles! If you have, pat yourself on the back! Here are some tips for you this month:

  • Plant out your seedlings lettuce, spinach, eggfruit, peppers, tomatoes and chillies (there are many new varieties – again thanks to the plant breeders – from 1 to 10 on a scale of hotness)
  • Sow seeds of pumpkin, squash, cucumber, carrots, sweet-corn, beans, beetroot, radishes, daikon (a new white radish that looks a bit like a carrot – it has a sweet taste) chives and spring onions. Sow a few of many varieties at regular intervals to prevent feast or famine!
  • Plant sprouting sweet potato tubers into the ground or even hanging bowls – they cascade beautifully and will be a talking point amongst your visitors
  • Remember, harvest the fruits when young and tender
  • Plant potatoes into the ground or into tyres – we have seed potatoes in stock
  • As your first apricots and peaches ripen, share them with your neighbours – they will think you are so clever. Thin out your late peaches, plums and other soft fruits when as big as peas. Protect apples and pears from coddling moths. If you are lucky enough to have tropical fruit such as pawpaws and bananas, now is the time to feed them. Harvest your juicy strawberries regularly and keep feeding the plants. Make sure you have a good supply of cream to go with these delicious fruits!