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You Will Find This Offer A-peel-ing

Even though Apples are deciduous, now is a good time to plant one. Some apples such as Golden Delicious, Granny Smith and Yellow Delicious are self-fertile so you only need one of these trees. To have a better crop, apples need two different varieties together in order to cross pollinate. Granny Smith is the most popular pollinator, make sure that the 2 trees are less than 15m apart.

If you lack space you can Espalier your apples against a wall. The best part comes in spring with the prettiest pink blossoms which appear!

This Is A Gr- “eat” Raw Deal

Spinach (Swiss Chard) always a reliable, grow-any-time vegetable! It enjoys full sun in winter and a rich, well-drained soil. As the leaves grow, they can be picked from the sides, leaving the centre leaves to continue growing – this is known as a “cut & come-again” vegetable. Small leaves may be used in a green salad. To ensure continuous supply, fertilize every two weeks with a liquid fertilizer.


Broccoli – this belongs to the same family as cabbage, and grows just as easily. A soil in full winter sun that has been well dug and had manure added is best. The central head appears first and must be picked before changing colour and flowering. This encourages side shoot heads. However, the flower is a pretty yellow and tastes delicious and is most decorative in salads, or floating in a rich brown soup.

Lemon Balm

One of the “lemon” herbs which can be used for lemon tea or for adding flavor to water, drinks and fruit salads. The plants are evergreen and hardy and form a dense green shrub of ±60cm high and can be used as a “filler” plant in the sun. The medicinal properties are many, most important of which are for soothing irritability and calming!