Home Grown

Why grow your own fruit and veggies?

  • They supplement your food supply and save you money
  • There is nothing more local than food grown in your own backyard
  • Great education for your children
  • Promotes family gardening time looking after the ‘veggie patch’
  • Its sooo healthy and tastes sooo good!

Hopefully you are growing your own vegetables organically. This will of course reduce your carbon footprint which is the amount of carbon dioxide that you are responsible for releasing into the atmosphere. Doing this means that they do not have to be transported to the shops. Transport releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere because during transport fuel is burned. Planting organically means that you will use compost which re-uses waste that would otherwise have to be driven to landfill sites.

To help you, our Talborne 5kg bone-meal will be less 30% from the 12th – 30th September!

Many of you, our customers, are passionate about gardening and employ gardeners that help to create your place of paradise. You have indicated that you would like to upskill them with regards to gardening techniques. We listen and have put together a comprehensive yet easy series of four workshops that they can attend which will help them be more knowledgeable with regards to tasks that they should perform in the garden. Kindly RSVP to marketing@colourfulgroup.co.za and book their place before the 15th September.