Gardening With Nature

Most gardeners have sustainability on their minds. After all, growing your own food is a huge step toward leading a sustainable lifestyle. Organic, chemical-free methods are inherently more sustainable — for human health, wildlife, the soil and the water supply — than non-organic techniques. But sustainable gardening goes beyond just using organic methods. From water and energy conservation to waste reduction and smart seed-sourcing, there are infinite ways we can make our practices more sustainable – Colourful Splendour Nursery has wonderful ideas of sustainability practices and suggestions – so pop in today and speak to our friendly staff to find out how you can GARDEN WITH NATURE

A female worker bee has lots of different jobs to do.She will be a housekeeper, a nurse and a builder all in one lifetime! The worker builds comb cells out of beeswax and helps to fill them with honey. Save our bees: HONEY WILL YOU BEE MINE?
WHAT A BUZZ - And talking about honey!

  • PLANT BEE FRIENDLY FLOWERS e.g. Salvia, Lavender, Gaura, Calendula, Sweet Alyssum, Heliotrope, Thyme
  • DO NOT USE PESTICIDES IN YOUR GARDEN - Avoid spraying pesticides especially when bees are foraging and plants are flowering. Look for alternate measures for pest control

Did You Know ?

bee colony can pollinate 300 million flowers each day. Bees pollinate fruits, nuts and vegetables. Bees pollinate about 90% of the world’s nutrition supply. We will have farm fresh honey for sale this month!

Grow A Breath Of Fresh Air

Have you ever wondered why you get headaches so often? Not to mention the constant sniffing, coughing and sore throat every winter? There is a chance that the air you breathe in your home or office could contribute to these and other ailments. Substances such as plywood, carpeting, upholstery, cleaners and plastics can emit toxins.

Research on breathable air done by NASA shows that houseplants e.g. Aglaonema (Chinese evergreen) are the best filters of common pollutants such as benzene, ammonia and formaldehyde. Aglaonema is well known for its attractive foliage, in colours of green, grey, silver and cream. An excellent plant for cleansing the air, especially close to a computer monitor or TV screen. Chinese evergreen will even tolerate low light.Those of you who still want to hibernate a bit longer, give your indoor plants a thought! Your indoor plants could probably do with some attention:

  • Replenish –clean their foliage and check watering
  • Repot –if the new leaves are smaller than the existing leaves it is time to repot
  • Replace and reposition
  • You can re-pot ferns and any pot plant that has outgrown its container.