Gardening With Nature

With the water situation we need to garden in a WATER-WISE fashion. Even though this is the beginning of the rainy season, it is still necessary to become more conscious of ways to conserve water.

Mulching reduces evaporation and the need for frequent watering during dry spells, and if it is spread in sufficient depth (3 cm), it will smother most weed seeds (whew, less work for us later). Peanut shells and Macadamia nutshells (which are on promotion this month) can act as a mulch to reduce evaporation and they deter snails!

When planning your garden group plants that require similar water and shade requirements. Use water-retaining products such as “Aquasoil” which is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and a granule, that when wet, swells to 200 its normal volume. This “held” water is then released as the plant needs it, thus increasing the time required between watering. This product and others like it are very good in hanging baskets which tend to dry out quickly!

Our water plants are in stock again. For best results water lilies need at least 50cm depth of water. They should be planted into a container or planting bag with a mix of two parts good soil and one part each of kraal manure and compost. Place a layer of sand or pebbles on the surface then lower gently into the water.