Gardening With Nature

The first week of September is also Arbor Week. If you do not have enough trees in your garden, (can you ever have enough?) we can help you - all our trees (exluding fruit trees) are less 30%. This year’s trees of the year are, common: Podocarpus Yellowwoods, Geelhoutbome, and rare: Bosciaalbitrunca Shepherd's tree, Witgat. Podocarpushenkelii is an indigenous, evergreen large growing tree. It has dense, dark green leaves, while the new foliage is lime green and resembles masses of candles from a distance. It is slow growing, but worth the wait. It does develop into a huge forest tree and is therefore only suitable for large gardens. For small gardens, plant it in a container to limit its size. In a container it makes a great Christmas tree when decked out in its finery. Liz has a booklet produced by ‘Rand Water’ highlighting the extent of the root structure of most trees so refer to this first before you plant your chosen tree too close to your house or perimeter walls!

  • Nature continues to inspire interiors and all the décor magazines are filled with:
  • indoor plants in very exciting pots, rustic handmade baskets and other interesting containers
  • wall coverings depicting leaf motifs, flowers
  • cushion covers in all sorts of botanical motifs
  • murals in vibrant florals
  • walls transformed into lovely, colourful growing spaces
  • vases for your precious flowers collected in the early mornings
  • and green, green, green everywhere

Up-cycling is very trendy and your result can often be that focal point in your garden! Old wire chairs turned into swings, old wheelbarrows converted into planters with your favourite plants making a statement and living walls in coke bottles with water-wise succulents or herbs ready for the picking!