Gardening With Nature

This is the time for pruning. Don’t be intimidated – it is easy! A golden rule for pruning is: “Prune to a node.” A node is the point on a plant stem from which leaves or lateral branches grow. Feel free to ask any of our sales assistants for advice if you are not sure. Also don’t forget we offer the services of garden consultations which can include, seasonal planting, landscaping, tree doctoring and pruning! Just ask a member of staff for details.

Rose pruning is as easy as 1, 2, 3! It involves cutting out unhealthy and misplaced shoots. As most roses can become too large if untended, pruning also serves to remove growth and keep them manageable. Try not to prune before the 15th July as the weather is still too cold. Cut the bush down to the height you want and just above an outward-facing bud to give it a good shape. Apply ‘Steriseal’ to the cut surfaces. After pruning destroy any remaining leaves and all prunings. Spray the plants and the surrounding soil with fresh lime sulphur. Repeat the application after 14 days. Do not use lime sulphur on your roses if they are under-planted with a groundcover as it kills any leaves. You can use Ludwig’s Insect Spray instead.

Don’t prune spring-flowering plants such as Jasmine polyanthum and Brunfelsia pauciflora (yesterday, today and tomorrow) now as you will be removing the developing flower buds. If you have got the hang of pruning and want to take it a bit further, try making a topiary. This is the ancient art of creating sculptural forms using clipped trees or shrubs – it is therefore also a form of pruning! Topiaries can be used as ornaments, barriers, focal points and patio plants. They add long-term interest and a touch of elegance and class!