Gardening Tips February

Before autumn sets in these tasks need to be done:

  • Feed and mow your lawns and if you need to remove weeds our EfektoTurfweed (200ml) was R235-00 now R165-00. You can also use 4:1:1 with Karbaspray which while it feeds your lawn will also rid your lawn of lawn caterpillars and army worms
  • Remove faded blooms to encourage further flowering
  • Feed your pelargoniums and spray against rust and cut them back to half their height
  • Lift and divide your irises, white arum lilies and amaryllis
  • Plan your autumn and winter garden now
  • Start preparing the trenches for your sweet-peas
  • Feed your annuals and perennials with a fertilizer high in potassium (K) for continuous flowering. Efekto Wonder (5kg) 3:1:5 is a complete granular fertiliser was R145-00 now only R99-50!
  • Watch out for the lily bulb borer in your clivias, agapanthus and zephranthus. Use Biological Caterpillar Insecticide, Cyper or Cypermethrin as a preventative or even as a control
  • Spray your roses after each rainfall for mildew and blackspot. Come into the nurseries and we will recommend a cure
  • Make sure that your camellias, gardenias and rhododendrons receive enough water. If they dry out now they will not flower well and could even abort their blooms. Feed these acid-loving plants with an acid loving fertilizer and mulch with acid loving compost
  • If your agapanthus flowers were like mine, they were stunning, but now is the time to remove all the dead flower-heads
  • Your lavenders should also have flowered profusely. Make potpourri from these flowers, as well as from your rose petals and lemon scented verbena.
  • Water your citrus trees regularly, fertilize and mulch. Prepare your beds for strawberries with compost worked in.
  • Cut your hydrangeas back as they have grown so quickly and are tending to fall over