Family Gardening

A novel idea that is handy for mums yet fun for kids! Keep your children engrossed and entertained in educational and creative activities, while they have fun!

We also stock a range of the most exciting books for your kids to take time out these holidays and sit in the garden and read all about Eric, iThemba, Nicole, Peter, Pamela & Percy and of course Sam.

Teach our children well! – TV, social media, the internet and video games! Blue light from screens can cause lack of sleep, obesity, stress and depression. We are again ignoring Mother Earth! Prune screen time and teach your children healthy media habits. Start off easy. Pick out seeds together, choose colourful fruits and veggies, plant a container with child-friendly and healthy plants and demonstrate healthy environmental practices to protect people, pets and the planet. Gardening teaches:

  • responsibility and encourages healthy choices
  • nurturing, patience and delayed gratification
  • trust and confidence
  • how to care for your environment

April is the ideal time to sow seeds of indigenous winter-flowering plants. This is a fun exercise to share with your children and is one of the most cost-effective ways to add masses of colour to your garden in the cooler months ahead. Try planting some Namaqualand daisies to create a spectacular show in winter. Simply buy a packet of mixed daisy seeds and sprinkle them directly onto your raked soil. Your first watering will cover them with soil. Keep the soil moist until germination and don’t weed the area until your daisies are well established.


As we move into the winter months there are fewer flowers and other sources of food for the bees. Water is also scarce and so many bees drown as they try and drink water from swimming pools. Grate an apple and add some water in a bowl. The bees will be able to get some sugars from the fruit and drink the water and not drown as they can stand on the fruit pieces. Remember our bee populations are threatened and we pledged to give them all the support we can!