Family Gardening

Now is the time to plant seeds and if you buy 5 packets of any seeds you will get a free bottle top plant waterer! Seed sowing is a lovely activity to share with little ones and this waterer is ideal for them to use! Sow your seeds of beans, patty pans and baby marrows directly into your prepared soil while those of tomatoes, green peppers and egg-fruit should be sown in trays or buy seedlings in 6 packs from the nursery. Talking of youngsters, our Children’s Activity books are now only R35-00 each – they are filled with ideas to keep them busy for many, many hours.

Growing Gardeners – How To Encourage Youngsters To Garden

Children are natural gardeners – they’re curios, like to learn by doing, AND love to play in the dirt. Working and digging in a garden a child can experience the satisfaction that comes from caring for something over time, watching it grow and observing the cycle of nature first hand.

Create A Fairy Garden

A magical place, where you can be inspired to dream and create miniature landscapes using small-scale plants and accessories. These little scenes create a sense of magic and are essential for attracting those little fairies to your home and garden. Fairy gardens are becoming increasingly popular in the home garden.

We have a range of fairy sized garden ornaments items such as garden chairs, tables, birdbaths and even fairy tools and homes to create your fairy garden. Every fairy garden is as unique as the designer so let your creativity flow and have great fun! Our fairy gardens are a perfect way to get young gardeners involved in gardening and a wonderful project to do with your children over the holidays.

Bags Of Fun

Handy For Mum | Fun For Kids

Pop in to see our range of fun kids activities A novel idea that is handy for mums yet fun for kids! Keep your children engrossed

and entertained in educational and creative activities, while they have fun! We also stock a range of the most exciting books for

your kids to take time out these holidays and sit in the garden and read all about Eric, iThemba, Nicole, Peter, Pamela

Percy and of course Sam. With every African Penguin book purchased, bags of fun will donate R10 to the Pilansburg Wildlife

Trust - so get your kids reading for a good cause!