is the world’s most popular rose with over 150,000 million sold.
It has massive blossoms of cream yellow and carmine.
No garden should be without this rose!


has a beautiful clear pink, subtle orange and soft yellow creating shimmering salmon pink
colour & fragrance.
It has an elegant bud, healthy and vigorous growth and leathery foliage.
Both are on special


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Welcome to Colourful Group

We have had the Dark Age, the Age of Aquarius and many other ages and now we are experiencing the GREEN AGE! This to me is the most important age and if we don’t get it right, it might be the last age. We need to help our planet survive and we can do a lot very easily! Just recycle, plant trees to reduce your carbon footprint and with National Water Week from the 13-19 March remember WATER IS LIFE - RESPECT IT, CONSERVE IT, ENJOY IT! When we think of March, immediately blue for Water Week comes to mind but actually many things in your garden will be green. Your grass should be a lush colour due to all the wonderful rain and food you have given it throughout the summer. Your seedlings that you plant now will only be green and all your wild or planted grasses will have a greenish tinge with beautiful inflorescences


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