And then there were TWO! Yes, Colourful Corner is back – a different venue – 281 Honeydew Road West, North Riding – but many of the same staff!!!! We are ecstatic to be trading again – we really missed you all! We were overwhelmed by your positive response to our return – thank you! A special couple really made our day! Talk about loyal customers – they produced this loyalty card which they were given in 2006. They are very avid gardeners and were very excited to receive their 10% discount. 

Our new site was a hothouse in former years and we thought that we could retain this structure but the intense heat during the last two weeks proved us wrong and the fibre glass roofs are now a thing of the past – and so are the ‘free saunas’! The nursery is cosy, colourful and chock-full ready for you to come and shop!


For our customers who travelled to Colourful Splendour, thank you for staying with us and feel free to visit either branch – our cost-saving promotions will be found in both branches.

Relax, become revitalized and revel in the colour around you. We wish you all a happy festive season and hope to see you soon. We are closed on the 25th and 26th December and the 1st of January